Lothgar Online is an Online RPG built in a classic style, paying homage to 1980s RPGs such as Ultima, Questron, Legacy of the Ancients, Magic Candle, Deathlord and Wrath of Denethenor.

Our History

The old lands of the east have been torn apart by war and famine. Most have perished under the mighty fist of the Dark Lord Xynox. A shadow of despair now covers your old homeland. Your people, and many others, have travelled far to escape destruction and death. All are headed to the Kingdom of Lothgar in the land of Asper with the hopes of building a new life. Enter and experience Asper, a large and ever-expanding world filled with treasures, mystery, and danger. Band together with friends and face the evil creatures of the land in search of power, riches and glory. Take to the battlefield and hunt down other players in a realm of brutal player-vs-player gameplay where their possessions may be your reward. Go now, brave this exciting new world of Asper. Seek out King Lothgar, and fulfill your destiny!


  • Large Dynamic World
  • Hundreds of Dangerous creatures to hunt
  • Endless treasures and powerful artifacts
  • Brutal Player-vs-Player where you can loot the fallen
  • Multi-Tiered Guild System
  • Guild-vs-Guild battle-areas
  • In-depth crafting system
  • Skill-based player progression system
  • No cookie cutter classes – define your own build
  • Epic quests
  • In-depth attunement access to high end areas and content


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